Multicultural Jewish Workshop: Raising Awareness and Building Community


Explore Jewish identity, ideology and intersectionality and discuss the ways we can strategically strengthen the community through embracing diversity, authentic engagement, inclusion, and equity for Jews of all cultures in Atlanta.

About the Speaker

Dr. Tarece Johnson is the founder of The Global Purpose Approach › , a consulting firm that focuses on diversity education and resources to promote awareness, tolerance, appreciation, empathy, respect, and love. The Global Purpose Approach introduces the P.E.O.P.L.E. process and N.O.F.EA.R concept that helps people understand how they may emotionally, socially, professionally, and politically connect with others by understanding their own biases and use the NO FEAR concept to get to know others and embrace systematic change without fear and/or intimidation.

Dr. Tarece earned an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership & Management. She also has an MBA from Emory University, an MPA from Columbia University, and a BA from La Universidad del Sagrado Corazón (Puerto Rico). She is the author of The Global Purpose Approach, Ahava Soulful Shabbat Meditations, Global Diversity Haggadah, Butterflies in Fields of Corn and Resilient Hope.

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