"Angst" Film - Teen Screening

Film Overview

What causes anxiety, what are its affects, and what can we do about it?
Join JumpSpark and community partners as we explore how we can raise awareness of anxiety in adolescence on both the global level and at home in the Atlanta metro. Angst › (runtime 56 min.) features candid interviews with kids and young adults who suffer, or have suffered, from anxiety and what they’ve learned about it while discussing its causes and sociological effects with mental health experts.

Presented through JumpSpark's Navigating Parenthood › seminar series.

Additional Screenings

This screening and discussion is geared towards Jewish teens.
For the screening and seminar for parents and Jewish professionals, please see this event ›

Ticket Price

Single Tickets: $7.00

Two Ticket Bundle: $10.00 (can be used for parent or teen screening)


Are you or your organization interested in sponsoring this event reaching Jewish teens and their families all over the Atlanta metro? Contact Kelly Cohen › for more information.