May. 2 - Jun. 6, 2021

Project Launch

Jumpspark Event Jumpspark Event
  • parents of teens
  • free
  • virtual at 8:00pm

Are you prepared to launch your teen into college and adulthood?

Parents of seniors are about to make the biggest transition in parenting since the day their children were born. Launching teens into adulthood and sending them away to college can be a stressful and emotional time for everyone involved. JumpSpark is here to support our parents and to help them navigate through this exciting time. Please join us for an interactive webinar featuring experts from the field and parents on this journey.

This program is offered in partnership with Temple Sinai, The Temple, Temple Beth Tikvah, and Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta’s Women’s Philanthropy, and The Virtual College Roadtrip.

Preparing for Launch

Session 1: Sunday, May 2, 8:00pm

How can parents intentionally prepare for the upcoming transition? How can you set up communication structures to support you and your teen that will endure once they have left home? How can your respond with empathy to what your teen is experiencing, especially after such an unusual High School experience? Also, we will begin to think about what this means for you as an individual and how you are preparing to take care of yourself through this journey.

Did you miss this session? Watch the live recording HERE.

Meet Our Presenters:

Sue Borison is Publisher/Editor-In-Chief of Your Teen Magazine for Parents of Teenagers. She has successfully launched five children into adulthood. When her oldest hit adolescence, she was in search of support. Your Teen Magazine was born out of that need. Since then she has become a leading expert on teens and supporting their parents.

Jennifer Wand is an integrative and experiential psychotherapist who is seasoned in working with individuals, adolescents, couples, and groups for the past twenty-five years. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and holds a BA degree in psychology from the University of Maryland and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Georgia. Jennifer’s therapeutic work with clients is based on the mind-body-spirit-soul connection and the power and strength it adds to the healing process. Her individualized, compassionate approach works to release and honor the self-healing potential that lies inside each one of us. She has successfully launched 3 out of her 5 children into adulthood. Visit Jennifer’s website.

Beverly Lewyn is the co-author of On The Run in Nazi Berlin (Chicago Review Press 2019). She is the co-founder of JWC Atlanta (Jewish Women’s Connection of Atlanta) and was the Coordinator of News Research for CNN’s National Desk. Presently, she is writing Stop Your Bullsh*t Thinking About Parenting: Get Your Kids To Listen, Cooperate, and DO! with her child psychologist dad. Bev lives in Atlanta with her husband Marc. They are about to launch their fourth and youngest daughter.

Lessons in Launch Logistics

Session 2: Sunday, June 6, 8:00pm

With so much to do to get ready to send your teen away to college, don’t you wish someone would just make you a list! Join this interactive webinar to help you be ready for everything you need at this exciting time. This program has been planned in conjunction with the Virtual College Roadtrip and in partnership with the Jewish Teen Funder Collaborative.

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Meet Our Presenters:

Dale Troy is a College Success Coach and Certified Health Coach. Parents hire her to help their children transition successfully from high school to college at Crush College Stress. Dale’s experience in helping college students started with her own three daughters. All three of her daughters graduated from Yale College, and she is a graduate of Yale College and Yale Law School. Dale helps students get good grades, make great friends, and stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Susie Greenberg became a transitions “expert” when her four children attended universities across the country and internationally.  She enjoyed the challenges and began helping others with collegiate moves, academic support, legal coordination, medical referrals, interview training and much more. Since 2011, Susie has worked with students nationwide as co-founder of Campus Concierge. In addition, Susie is admitted to practice law in Georgia, Illinois and DC. She is a Guardian Ad Litem for children in foster care and an active community volunteer.

Amy Bennett Shea is well versed in logistics, personal organization, and time management. She became interested in these topics as she assisted her four children finding balance and success while playing sports at D-1 Schools. Drawing on skills learned in her career in Operations Management, and building on those skills through her membership and training with the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), Amy has created strategies for student athletes to use while navigating college life where every minute counts. Prior to Campus Concierge, Amy worked in financial services specializing in operational management.           

Project Launch Host Committee

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