Jan. 10, 2021

Project Dignity

  • Free
  • virtual 7:00pm

JumpSpark and  Women’s Philanthropy are teaming up for another round of Project Dignity – mobilizing Jewish women to take action and provide menstrual pads and tampons to those in need. 

Living in poverty means going without food, bus fare, or money for rent, but for people who menstruate, it can also mean “period poverty,” the indignity of going without a box of tampons or pads. Those who can’t afford basic menstrual hygiene products face a profound toll on their health, self-esteem, and well-being.

Featured speaker Lorrie L. King is a veteran public health and humanitarian response professional. Lorrie will speak about the need for menstrual products in high schools around metro Atlanta and for refugees. 


In 2014, Lorrie was named one of CNN’s Top 10 Inspiring Women, received a resolution of honor from the state of Georgia House of Representatives for her work on behalf of refugee women and girls, and was appointed the first US Ambassador for global Menstrual Hygiene Day.

With the force of Federation’s Women Philanthropy behind them, the teens of JumpSpark’s Strong Women Fellowship will collect products and create ‘period packs’ to be distributed in high schools and in refugee communities. The Strong Women Fellows will decide what schools and refugee communities to donate to through their research.