Nov. 22, 2020

Let My People Vote- The Final (Voter) Countdown

  • High School and College Aged Students
  • Free
  • Virtual 4-5 PM EST

High schoolers and college students nationwide: Join the Religious Action Center (RAC), NFTY + NFTY-SAR, The Civics Center, Georgia Reform Congregations and JumpSpark to Get Out The Vote for the Georgia Senate Runoff Elections!

This critical runoff election will decide the makeup of the US Senate for the next two years, and it is critical that every one who can vote can cast a ballot and make their voice heard in this special election. This Georgia campaign is an extension of the Reform Movement’s broader 2020 Civic Engagement Campaign. All of our civic engagement work is nonpartisan – we do not endorse candidates or political parties.

You can participate in one of three ways:

1. Voter Registration Drive Training
For Georgia high schoolers only – learn to run voter registration drives in your school, synagogue, or community.

2. Relational Organizing
The most effective way to make sure people vote is to hear from people they know and trust. Reach out to friends and family through the Empower App to start conversations and make sure your people have what they need to vote. College students – this is where you have the most power!

3. Post Card Banking & Letter Writing
Sign up for this event and order postcards by Nov. 18 to get a package in the mail with postcards, names, and addresses of young voters in GA. Once you register for this event, you’ll get a link to order postcards. There is a suggested donation to the Civics Center of $8 per postcard pack, and you will need to provide your own stamps. If you sign up after the 18th but still want to write to voters, we’ll provide a letter script and list of addresses to young Jewish voters who grew up in the Reform Movement, but you’ll need to provide letter writing materials and stamps yourself.