Dec. 13, 2020

First Annual North Fulton Chanukah Challenge and Celebration

  • families
  • free
  • 7:00pm virtual celebration: Congregation Gesher L'Torah & Congregation Dor Tamid

Do the mitzvah of Pirsume Nisa – show your Chanuka pride. Let’s light up the community by building your own Chanukah House for a friendly competition among families.

  • Step One: Register for your Chanukah House kit and wait for pick-up instruction email. There are 40 available kits for each Congregation.
  • Registration is now closed. For more information contact Congregation Dor Tamid or Congregation Gesher L’Torah.
  • Step Two: Families join together to build and decorate your own Chanukah House kit. Please add any of your own materials and include any form of lights so together we can light up our community.
  • Step Three: Submit pictures of your completed Chanukah House using the form below. December 4th is the deadline to submit your photos.
  • Step Four: Come to the Chanukah Celebration on December 13th.

Step One: Register for your Chanukah House.

Step Two: Decorate and build your own Chanukah House kit.

Step Three: Submit Pictures of your Chanukah House.

Step Four: Come to the virtual Chanukah Celebration for candle lighting, entertainment, and judging:

7:00 Candle lighting with Rabbi Michael Bernstein and Rabbi Jordan Ottenstein
7:15 Bible Player comedy improv entertainment
8:00 Chanukah house awards