Feb. 29, 2020

Black & Jewish Solidarity: Black Love & Relationship Panel

  • All ages
  • 2:00 PM
  • Auburn Ave. Research Library

Black Love & Relationship Panel

Please join us on Saturday, 2/29 at 2pm for a panel discussion on dating, loving, and committing to a Black woman.

The program will open with poetry reading, then a panel discussion, and it will end with a book signing by the author of How to Date, Love, and Commit to a Black Woman by Dr. Tarece Johnson.

There will be a variety of perspectives represented by the panelists. The panel and discussion will be moderated by a licensed relationship therapist.


Stand in solidarity this Black History Month by attending a number of community events exploring solidarity between Black and Jewish communities and celebrating the history and culture of Black American history.

If you are interested in partnership and/or sponsorship on these events and in the future, please email us at: allianceforblacklives@gmail.com

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Dr. Tarece, Marla Cureton, Rabbi Malka Packer-Monroe, & Leslie Anderson