I’ve recently begun my journey into Jerusalem after 4 months in Tel Aviv. Through the months in Tel Aviv I learned about the differences of culture, ecological aspects in industrial cities, and how to manage living with various people. We visited various Palestinians and settlers in the west Bank. Seeing both perspectives and narratives of the situation was very interesting. During my time, I worked on a farm in Bat Yam. The farm was sustainable and seeing a farm in an industrialized area was a unique experience. Living with various people from across America, the UK, and Israel, had its difficulties, but mainly had its moments of learning. Not only did I understand different people’s perspectives, but also household differences between one another. Overall my Tel Aviv experience has been a time for me to grow and find my identity at exponential rates.

For those in America, many are familiar with the Dolly Parton song “9-5”. For those unfamiliar, the song reflects an average American woman who works “9-5” to support herself and her family. My life is the reverse, I live 5-9. Now while this may seem just like a play on words, it is fortunately very true. I start my days bright and early at 4:30 am, and I crash and burn by 9:45 on “late nights”. Why do you live like this, you may be asking? What teenager isn’t up on their phone and hanging out till midnight? The simple answer, I’m busy getting things done, and I love it.

4:30 am, the first alarm of the day. The mornings are always still a bit hard at first, but after 30 minutes I am quickly able to adjust, definitely a morning owl. The reason for me waking up at the crack of dawn? Weightlifting. I love the same early people getting a workout in before the day, it’s like our own little morning club. Athletics are not exactly one of my strong suits, but after tearing my ACL, the gym has become my home. I love the routine of the gym. Monday: legs, Tuesday: push:, Wednesday: legs, Thursday: pull, Friday: full body. And the soreness is just as gratifying as hitting a PR. The gym is the main reason for my early wake up call, the fewer people there are, the more I can get done, and not everyone is a crazy gym rat up at 4:30 to go throw around a couple hundred pounds.  

7:00 am, the second alarm of the day. I am known for procrastinating and “dilly dallying” so small alarms remind me I need to stay on task. By this time, I have worked out, showered, gotten ready, and now am on my way to school. While class does not start till 8:20, I spend my mornings going to calc help sessions (definitely not a math person),studying, and generally working on student council (another one of my favorite things). I love the peacefulness of my highschool in the mornings, only half the teachers in the building, the lack of students in the halls, it really is my favorite time at school. 

8:20 am, first bell. My class schedule is quite a bore, so I will definitely spare you the details. As a junior, high school is relentless, four AP courses, one course at my local college, never enough time to study. My first class is definitely fun, AP US History. While I am definitely no history buff, the people in the class make it fun to learn, and the teacher is a blast. 

9:15 am, second period. My second class of the day is one of my harder courses, AP Calculus. Afterwards, my favorite class, AP Seminar. AP Seminar is different than my other courses as it revolves around discussions, 

4th period bell, it’s time to eat. Lunch is a time in which I can socialize with friends, study, get ahead in classes, or have meetings I would otherwise be unavailable for. I fill up my free period with additional work in hopes of getting ahead in courses, nevertheless I am always busy with things to check off. 

12:30, last course of the day, AP Environmental Science. This is my “curveball” course as every day is something different. From labs outdoors, to testing mud inside, I never know what is going to happen, and it always makes for a fun adventure. The students in my class make it even more enjoyable, and it is definitely a course I look forward to. 

1:30, time for work. Like I’ve mentioned, growing up sports were not exactly my strong suit. However, I did find a love for karate. Training now for 7 years, and obtaining a black belt in shuri ryu karate, I now work at a children’s karate dojo running the afterschool program. My work days consist of hanging out and making activities for 35 elementary schoolers. While it has made me realize that teaching will not be my future career, I love my kiddos and working with them makes my day so much better.

6:30, finally home. After a long day of being out and about, I finally got back home. However, the work isn’t over. After dinner with my family, it is time to get to work. Studying, getting homework done, and prepping for the next day are the final things I do before crashing.

9:30, time to crash and burn. By this time of the night, I am absolutely exhausted so it’s time to rest for another day of 5-9.

In December of 2021, Jumpspark’s Strong Women Fellowship gathered at The Weber School to meet with Lily Brent, the Executive Director of Repair the World, and Emma Burns, who is serving as a fellow with the organization. Repair the World is an Atlanta-based, Jewish organization focused on delivering equity to communities and people affected by poverty, food insecurity, and unequal accessibility to education. The organization has taken up a multitude of causes ranging from period poverty, to hurricane relief and The One America Movement, which serves to unite the nation to combat the growth in polarization over many issues. 

The group began with an activity where sheets of paper with statements were placed around the room. We were instructed to take some time to read each sheet and stand by the one we felt most connected to. The sheets read statements of advice such as, “Listen much more than you talk” and “Be aware that things you might take for granted might be scarce or unavailable to others.” Once each of us was standing with a paper, we went around the room reading our statements, introducing ourselves, and explaining why we felt connected to that specific piece of advice. 

We then turned to the back of the room where tables were piled with period products. Fellows were asked to bring packages of pads and tampons to later pack bags with. As a group, we were given instructions on how to fill a period pack and began organizing the supplies into bags which would later be distributed to those suffering from menstrual inequality. The period packs made during the event were donated to The Homeless Period Project, an organization with the goal of collecting and distributing menstrual products to cities around the United States. Many people with periods are unable to afford typical menstrual products due to its high price and inaccessibility within some communities. 

This experience with Repair the World enlightened many of us on what we take for granted in our everyday lives. Before being exposed to the struggles of people who are faced with period poverty, I never thought twice about my easy access to basic hygiene products; however, I now feel the privilege of being able to easily drive to a Walgreens and buy whatever products I need. Many people in America and around the world either cannot afford or do not have access to basic human necessities. Fortunately, there are many organizations, like Repair the World, who collect hygiene and menstrual products and create packages to support donation drives. As a community, we need to stand with and support our neighbors in any way we can; whether it’s through donating, volunteering, or advocating for political change, there is always a way to help.

The first thing I do is wake up at 7:00 am and go straight to the bathroom to wash my face, do my hair, and make my face presentable for the rest of the day. I then go downstairs and say good morning to my brothers, mom, dad, and dog. I then search in the fridge for a delicious breakfast, which usually consists of yogurt and granola. I then finish my breakfast and go back upstairs to get dressed for school. I pack up my backpack, fill up my water bottle, and head straight to school. I’m very lucky because I live 1 mile from my school, so I don’t have to rush in the morning. 

After I park my car at school I wait in the car for a bit with my friends and listen to music and just chill before it’s time to go to school. After my chill time in the morning, I go to my first block which is AP Biology. During this class, I listen to my teacher lecture us as I take notes and try to understand the material. After a very long 70-80 minutes of AP Bio, I check out of school and go home for study hall to get some homework done and just relax at home. I then come back to school for my third block of the day which is English where we typically have discussions and read. 

I then go to my last block of the day: weight training. Weight training is my favorite class because I get to do the things I love; for example, exercise, listening to music and having the best time. After this, I typically have basketball practice after school for two hours. After my super crazy full day, I go home and do homework. After several hours of work, I go downstairs again for dinner and have family dinner. I then help clean up the table have some team, shower, get my bag ready for the next day, and go to sleep.

My name is Lidor I’m from Israel, I think my life is good and I want to tell you why:

I am able to learn something I like – to program. At my school I have been learning a software called C#. As far as I know, this software is the best if you are new to the world called programming. Don’t try to learn Python- this software will confused you. And sometimes at my school I am doing my assignments at lunches break or at breakfasts.

I live in Yokneam Illit, a city in the north of the country. Don’t worry about the rain because the amount of rain is equal to the amount of rain that falls in the desert. But from time to time the weather is insane. For example, one day the weather will be hot and on the following day, the weather will be cold with a rain. If we are lucky enough, we will get some hail and I have been loving it since I was born.

I have a brother, whose name is Shai. His school is very close to my school, so I accompany him to his school because there is a small construction site next to our house and he gets scared of things like that. On the other hand, he is quite successful at school (he has some difficulty in reading sentences in English, but he will understand the words and overcome that.)

When I’m free from school assignments or home assignments, I like to listen to any type of music (except rock), I like to play videos games, or reading books, especially Harry Potter or thrillers.

Hi, my name is Noa Allouch and I live in Yokneam Illit in Israel. I’m in 11th grade. Today I’ll tell you about a typical day in my life. These days due to the Covid pandemic, we are learning on zoom, and not going to school. In regular times, when there is no virus out there, my day starts at school. It depends on the day, but usually I go to school at 08:30 am. One of my parents drives me to school, but if they can’t, I go by bus. I chose two majors in biology and physics and I volunteer in MDA (Magen David Adom), so it really helps me in biology. 

When I come back from school, usually at 15:35 pm, I take my dog for a walk. His name is Joy. During the walk with Joy, I listen to music. When we get back home, I have lunch, I watch some TV or just rest. Then I go upstairs to my room to do my homework or study for a test. Now that I’m in 11th grade, I have a lot of homework, tests, and projects for school. This Monday for example, I have a test in Biology.  

Ever since I was young, I have really liked to cook and bake. It really depends on the day, but if I don’t have any more tasks for school, I make cookies or cakes, or something tasty to eat. I also like to go to the gym with my friends. A few years ago, I used to dance twice a week. This year I don’t have a lot of time because of school, so it’s nice sometimes to go to the gym, but maybe I’ll go back to dancing 🙂 

Some days I hang out with friends. We really like to go to “Golda”. It’s an Ice cream store in my neighborhood and it’s really close to our homes, or I just go back to watch Netflix.